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Exciting News! The Launch of Expand 2 Excel

An effort to expand training program seats in California

Exciting News! Launching Expand 2 Excel

First – the good news: We are working to Expand Training Programs in California through an effort to secure funding with the California State Legislature.  This is a very exciting development, and initially, we hope to add 100 seats. There is Covid Relief Act Money we hope to funnel to the Hospital Association and this funding will help establish additional seats in existing training programs.  We need your help – write to your legislative representative and ask him or her to support the funding.  Even better, if your Assemblyperson or State Senator is on the Budget Committee.  (Download a sample letter you can copy, personalize and send. This is time sensitive, so please do this today.)


On a broader note, we must boost our membership numbers as to ensure the continued retention of our very valuable lobbying firm – PPA and our lobbyist Russ Noack.

Russ is a true warrior.  His efforts on behalf of CAMLT and the activity of the Legislative Committee are the foundation of our existence.  With your support, our dreams can become a reality. With your inaction, the future is unclear. We need you now more than ever. Join, renew, donate and tell a friend.  We must grow and persevere as to meet the demands before us.

Be a part of the solution - act now.


Is Your License Worth $120*?

*Cost of an annual Professional CAMLT membership

Action Needed! Protect Your License!

Of course it is! It is probably worth 1,000 times that amount. Maybe more! You’ve studied and persevered to earn the title CLS. You care about your patients and you do your best. You are a professional and a proud member of the health care team.

In Tennessee, one of 11 states that require licensure of CLSs*, a law is on the governor’s desk that will allow labs to conduct laboratory testing in hospitals and private labs, utilizing unlicensed personnel. We are hoping he will veto it, based upon an understanding that our work is complex and quality matters.  (*These states are California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada, New York, North Dakota, Rhode Island, Tennessee and West Virginia. The territory of Puerto Rico also requires licensing.)

It COULD only be a matter of time before this action spreads to other states, like California.  We’ve had a crazy year with Covid-19 testing, beginning with a huge backlog of supplies last spring, and now, the limiting factor is a lack of qualified, licensed personnel. What is the best protection against your license being rendered unnecessary? We are. CAMLT has been in existence for 82 years, fighting the good fight to ensure quality laboratory testing in California and protecting your license and scope of practice. It hasn’t been easy.  Currently, our organization, through our lobbyist, PPA, and the efforts of a dedicated few, are going against many other entities that want to dilute our scope of practice, and they would like nothing more than to see our license rendered unnecessary. Fight back! Join us, or make a donation. Tell a colleague about the threat. We need your support.

Very Sincerely Yours,

Valerie Trenev

President, CAMLT

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