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CAMLT History and Mission

The Founding Story

In 1925, Dr. Wilfred Kellog, Director of California's Bureau of Communicable diseases established the state's first compulsory standards for public health laboratory personnel and at the same time requested voluntary compliance from laboratories in the primary sector.

Voluntary associations of laboratory personnel were formed during 1935 in Los Angeles, San Francisco and East Bay areas in support. The following year a joint committee formed from the San Francisco and East Bay associations that recommended state-wide organization of laboratory technicians be formed to support the licensure effort.

In 1936 this joint committee, composed of Berenice Stevens (Chairperson), Lois Mason, and Lucy French would form the organization we know today as the California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology.

In its 85+ year history, the organization has been highly active in legislative efforts dedicated to the establishment and maintenance of high laboratory standards throughout the state, and increased status and compensation for California's public and private laboratory personnel

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Our Mission

The California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology (CAMLT) is a professional organization representing dedicated laboratory professionals throughout the State of California. The mission of CAMLT is to advance professional growth and development of Clinical Laboratory Scientists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, and Phlebotomists through quality educational programs, legislative representation and member services.

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