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April Newsline is here!

Vol. 49 No. 1 April 19, 2023

President's Message from Valerie Trenev

Happy 2023 National Laboratory Professionals Week from CAMLT!
I am so happy to tell you that our recent seminars went very well and we had a lot of happy attendees. Our second annual CVENT webinar was held on February 24th and 25th. The topics were presented flawlessly and the attendees marveled at the caliber of the presentations. Our affiliation with CCLO - Coalition of Clinical Laboratory Organizations is a great thing and we are very proud to work with these other fine professionals with whom we share our vision of a better tomorrow.

Cheaper by the Dozen was a huge hit, too. It was a landmark event - boasting to be not only the first, live, in-person CAMLT seminar in three years, but it was shared online too! The only thing the at-home guests missed out on was the food! Congratulations to Mark Briones and the Fresno Chapter Team who pulled it all off! A job well done!

Final preparations are under way for the Student Presentations, to be held April 21st 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm. Be sure to watch! This is another fine event that is hosted by Mark Briones and his chapter. This event gives young laboratorians a chance to showcase their research and practice their public speaking skills. Thank you for your effort on that also, Mark!

A huge congratulations goes out to Mark Briones as he formally retires from his position with Children’s Hospital in Madera, California! What a long and illustrious career Mark has had contributing to the healthcare of many! Thank you for your devotion to the profession, Mark. The effect on lives you have touched will reverberate for years to come!

On the legislative scene - it never stops! Recently AB 269 (Berman-D) went into effect making it semi-permanent (five year sunset) for people without a license to do Covid-19 testing. This was quickly followed by the introduction AB 1741 (Waldron-R) that allows expanded testing for those without a license! This bill, sponsored by Quest Diagnostics, also seeks to replace formal laboratory training in an established training program, in lieu of service working for 18 months as an unlicensed person. CAMLT expects to vigorously oppose this bill. Check our website for updates to this threat and what CAMLT will want us to do to fight back.

A big welcome back to Jeannie Eleen who returned to work with us at CAMLT as our a consultant in the area of membership. We so appreciate everything that Jeannie does for us and it is great to have her back on our team. We still have Mohammad Nadeem as well, who helps with our phone line and other communications. Thank you Mohammad for all you do!

Finally - thank you to our Wix Team, headed by Adam Caughey and Marc Bernaldez (president-elect) for launching our new website. It is a fresh look, offers greater functionality and will help us to automate renewals too! We couldn’t be happier with this development. Thank you to everyone who has renewed your membership. We need you more than ever!

In closing - celebrate the week like you never have before! We at CAMLT are thrilled to have turned the corner and have a robust future to look forward to. If you are reading this message, you are part of our success story! See you in October at the 2023 Annual Convention at the Burlingame Hilton (near San Francisco). It promises to be a great time! Save the date - October 20th to 22nd


Upcoming Events

Please attend our Student Presentations Friday the 21st!

Come support the future leaders of our professions at the annual student forum. The event is highly engaging and informative. We hope to see you there!

Save the date for the Annual Meeting!

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Annual CAMLT Meeting has not been held in the Bay Area since 2017. However, we need volunteers in order to make this event happen. If you would like to participate, , completing the volunteer form, or by emailing

Dates: October 20-22, 2023
Location: Burlingame, California
Site: Hilton San Francisco Airport Hotel Bayfront
Transportation: Free hotel shuttle every 30 minutes

In Search of CE Seminar Speakers

7 Bay Area speakers needed for CE Seminars:
Friday Oct 20: Morning and Afternoon Session (1 Track)
Saturday Oct 21: Morning and Afternoon Session (2 Track)
Sunday Oct 22: Oct Morning Session (1 Track)
Would you like to be a CE Seminar speaker? Have someone in mind? Please have the speaker candidate fill out the Speaker Information Form.
Any Questions?
Email us at, call us at (510) 961-3602, or fill out Contact Form:

Catching Up

Mark Briones (District lll Consultant) retires April 14, 2023 from Valley Children’s Hospital.

Congratulations Mark on the distinguished career, and the world of difference you make to us all! Thank you for all you do.

Fresno Cheaper by the Dozen Seminar a huge hit

After three years, Cheaper by the Dozen is back to being a live, in-person event. For the first time, it was also offered to virtual attendees as an additional convenience. It was a great opportunity to see old friends, chat, and have lunch. There were online attendees as well. For those unable to make it this year, here are a few pictures for you to enjoy.

Meet Jeannie, the person behind the scenes at CAMLT for almost 32 years. She's back and making an impact! Get to know her and what she has been up to on Spotify! The Podcast is always looking for new interviews. Email or contact us on the website if you have leads!

Check out the new CAMLT store!

Check out the exciting new products we have to offer just in time for lab week! These products are printed on demand as to avoid waste, and make them very customizable. Profits go directly to CAMLT operational costs. Use code NEWSLINE for an additional 15% off through April!



Volume 49, No. 1

Valerie Trenev, President

Editorial correspondence should be addressed to CAMLT/ Newsline,

500 Delaware Rd

Burbank, CA 91504

Scientific articles submitted for publication in the CAMLT/ Newsline should be approximately 1,000 words in length or about three pages, double spaced, typed materials. Please include references when appropriate. Since the articles are relatively short, the editors do not feel that an abstract is necessary. However, all articles should be accompanied by a picture of the author. Articles describing procedures should include materials and methods as well as results. All graphs and charts should be reducible. Abbreviations (except for those in common scientific usage) should be defined and introduced parenthetically when first used in the text.

Advertising correspondence should be addressed to CAMLT/ Newsline, 500 Delaware Rd

Burbank, CA 91504, email:

Copyright California Association for Medical Laboratory Technology. Permission to reprint any part of this publication must be obtained in writing from: 500 Delaware Rd

Burbank, CA 91504

NEWSLINE, CAMLT, April, 2023

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