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CVENT Survival Guide

CVENT Survival Guide

Prior to The Date: 

Hello!  Thank you for signing up for our event.  The first thing you need to join the live event this Friday and Saturday is your CONFIRMATION NUMBER. Find this number on the email you received after registering.  The numbers will also be sent out again one day prior to the event.  WRITE the number down.

Day of the Event: 

  1. Go into the event website - CCLC CVENT. or through your own professional organization’s website.

  2. Click “I am already registered.”  Enter the email you used to register and enter the confirmation number.  This confirmation number will be saved for your convenience.

  3. Click on Post Registration.

  4. Click on My Agenda to see the sessions.

  5. Select the session you want to join by clicking on Join Virtual Session.

  6. Enjoy the talk.  The PACE code for the session will be announced during the session.  Write the title of the talk and the number down.

Note: you can only attend one session during dual tracks running.  The recording will be available to you to see the other session, for 30 days on Zoom through the CVENT website.

After the Event - Retrieving Your CEUs

  1. Go back into your CVENT website - Post Registration - (Please wait until Wednesday, November 10th to claim your CEUs.)

  2. Click on How to Claim my CEUs

  3. You will be creating a CE Organizer Account with ASCLS

  4. Follow the prompts for either being a prior ASCLS member or not with a CE Organizer account - click one of the large boxes that apply to you.  If you have never set up a CE Organizer account, click on the link

Register Here in the sentence above the two boxes.   Follow the steps in this slideshow:

Thank you so much for attending our event!

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