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Laws and regulations


By Public Policy Advocates, LLC 


The Legislature has returned from spring recess and has begun what will be a very heavy committee hearing calendar for the month of April.  April 26th is the last day for policy committees to hear and report to fiscal committees, fiscal bills introduced in their house.


California is facing a massive budget deficit. The Legislative Analyst’s office (LAO) initially estimated a $58 billion deficit at the time of the Governor’s budget proposed in January 2024. A number of factors are expected to drive that figure up by the time the Governor delivers his May Budget Revise.  The LAO estimates that the deficit could grow to $73 billion. 



We are currently in the second year of the 2-year legislative session. Public Policy Advocates in conjunction with CAMLT continues to confront legislation to expand scope of practice and efforts to dilute standards. At the direction of CAMLT, PPA secured an Author and had legislation introduced to secure grants for training programs. Please check the website for ongoing updates on bill status. 


Click on each bill number for access to full text of each measure:



AB 2702 (Chen) Training programs for clinical laboratory scientists and medical laboratory technicians: grants. As introduced 2/14/24 and amended 3/14/24 – SPONSOR/SUPPORT

This measure would authorize the State Department of Public Health within the California Health and Human Services Agency, upon appropriation by the Legislature, to establish a grant program to provide funding to training programs that both offer training programs for clinical laboratory scientists or medical laboratory technicians and are approved by the department or accredited by a recognized accrediting program approved by the department. AB 2702 would also authorize the department to award grants to those training programs in the amount of no more than $600,000, to be used within 3 years of receiving a grant.  

Passage of this bill may finally provide funding to Clinical Laboratory Science educational programs to expand the number of students these programs accept. This funding must be flexible enough to be used to fund laboratory preceptorships as that is a clear chokepoint for the laboratory workforce pipeline.

Location: AB 2702 passed out of the Assembly Business and Professions Committee on April 2nd.  The measure has been referred to the Assembly Higher Education Committee.  Passed through Assembly Higher Education Committee on April 16, 2024 (11 Ayes, 0 Noes) and re-referred to Assembly Committee on Appropriations. 5/16/2024-Joint Rule 62(a), file notice suspended. In committee: Held under submission. This bill is considered dead.

AB 2107 (Chen) Clinical laboratory technology: remote review. As amended 5/2/24 – NEUTRAL

AB 2107 is Sponsored by the California Society of Pathologists. If passed, this measure would
authorize pathologists acting within their scope of practice to review digital material at a remote
location under a primary site’s CLIA certificate if CLIA requirements are met. AB 2107 would also
authorize a clinical laboratory to utilize a temporary site for remote review and reporting of digital
materials if the designated primary site or home base is certified under CLIA and the work being
performed in the temporary site falls within the parameters of the primary site’s CLIA certificate. 
The bill would authorize pathologists to remotely review digital materials if the digital materials are
related to their ordinary course of onsite work. Although CAMLT did not formally oppose this bill,
CAMLT did ask that the authority for other clinical laboratory personnel to review digital test results
remotely be removed when the bill was first introduced. The removal of the forementioned authority
was included in the amendments of 5/2/24. This measure has registered opposition from the
California Labor Federation, AFL-CIO, Service Employees International Union, California State
Council and the United Food and Commercial Workers, Western States Council.

Location: 5/24/2024-In Senate. Read first time. To Com. on RLS. for assignment.

AB 3009 (Ward) Healing arts: clinical laboratories. As introduced 2/16/24 – WATCH FOR AMENDS

AB 3009 is currently a spot bill. Its true intent will not be known until it is substantially amended, if at all. Current bill verbiage is as follows “This bill would state the intent of the Legislature to enact legislation relating to clinical laboratories.” 

Location:  5/2/2024-Failed Deadline.  This bill is considered dead.


CAMLT is currently reviewing regulatory packages that affect clinical laboratories.

Regulations update DPH-20-007 is now in the final stages of approval as the second 15-Day Notice for comments opened on May 28.  Please see the attached and message below from LFS about this final comment period and how to obtain the 2nd draft copy of DPH-20-007.

CDPH 15-Day Notice on Public Comment

CAMLT Submitted Comments

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