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Urgent Call to Action

Hello to the lab community.  We hope our fellow laboratorians are managing during this trying time.  Thank you to everyone who is working on the front lines of this COVID-19 crisis, caring for loved ones, or patients, performing laboratory testing, or developing new test kits.  We truly appreciate you.  During this crisis, two issues are at the forefront.

The first is that our very organization is in a crisis.  We are possibly going to lose the ability to fund our lobbyist unless we have a surge in membership.  The very existence of CAMLT is in the balance as well.  Please tell your colleagues about this challenge, that we face.  Everyone needs to be aware and join or donate.  Hopefully we can avert the looming disaster.  This is no time to lose our lobbyist or the organization.  We have a core group of CAMLT leaders reaching out to many labs throughout the state.  We can use your help to get the word out. We are calling managers and mailing out packets with small, brightly colored notices, a cover letter and membership applications too, hopefully, be made available to the staff.  Ask your manager if he or she has been contacted.  If not, we can provide the materials upon request.  Email me at  We need your help - please spread the word.  Renew or join, if you haven’t yet.

The other challenge is the extreme shortage of our personnel.  CAMLT is working behind the scenes to try and have a member of the State Assembly, Jordan Cunningham, (R) of San Luis Obispo, introduce legislation that would help to establish and fund more Clinical Science Training Programs.  This is a problem that is not new, but in light of the COVID-19 crisis, the need is more apparent than ever.  We will update you on efforts in this area as things develop, after the crisis passes.


Valerie Trenev, President CAMLT

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