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Governor Brown vetoes AB 757 after CAMLT and CDPH cites plasma donor safety issues

AB 757 (if passed) will allow unlicensed personnel to perform a total protein refractometer test designed to monitor the protein levels of plasma donors. Failure to perform and report this test accurately could lead to serious health consequences for the donor.  CAMLT's legislative advocates testified on behave of CAMLT at legislative hearings and CAMLT's Governmental Affairs Committee urged CDPH to recommend that the Governor not sign the bill.

On September 30, Governor Brown vetoed AB 757 citing that CDPH does not believe that the standards outlined in the bill for persons to perform this test ensure the health and safety of plasma donors.

More information about CAMLT's legislative activities and what you can do to ensure quality testing in California can be found by clicking this link to CAMLT's Legislative Updates.

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