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Clinical Cytotechnologist and Clinical Laboratory Bioanalyst (CLB) scope of practice expansion bills

AB 599 (Bonilla; cytotechnologists) and AB 940 (Riley-Thomas; CLB) were chaptered late Sept and becomes law on January 1, 2016.

AB 599 will additionally authorize a licensed cytotechnologist to perform all tests and procedures pertaining to cytology, including, but not limited to, microscopic and nonmicroscopic methodologies and tests and procedures that utilize molecular or genetic methodologies, that are performed on cytologic specimens (such as Pap test) related to infectious disease (such as Chlamydia/GC RNA assay) or cancer diagnosis (such as HPV molecular assay).

AB 940 will additionally authorize a licensed CLB to direct a high complexity clinical laboratory approved by the State Department of Public Health. This bill also revises the work experience requirement to obtain a CLB license and renames the license for clinical molecular biologist as the license for clinical genetic molecular biologist.

Have you met with your legislators?  They are at home in their districts until January. Make sure to educate your elected officials about clinical laboratory issues!  Meet with your legislators in your district, send letters explaining CAMLT’s philosophy, invite legislators and their staff to tour your laboratories, and introduce yourself as a constituent. The sponsors of legislation, such as optometrists and chiropractors, to expand their scope of practice into areas of clinical laboratory testing are well heeled and well organized. It is imperative that all laboratory professionals engage in the process that affects the laboratory profession and the quality of testing our patients receive.

For more information about AB 599, AB 940 and how to engage your legislators, click the Legislation tab on the top of the Home page or click on this Legislative Update Link.

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