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CAMLT Joining Forces with Other Professional Groups!

Due to recent concerns in the media about the quality of Covid-19 testing in California, and the lack of qualified personnel to perform laboratory testing, it became very clear that the groups, having a united message and mobilizing together, was critical and very necessary.  I am happy to report that four meetings have already occurred between CAMLT, PAMET-USA, Inc., and ASCLS-CA leadership.  We are gearing up to form a coalition that would push for establishing more CLS training program seats within the state. The proposed name of the group is California Lab Organizations Coalition.  With approval of each of our respective Boards, we will all be signing onto a group statement.  This statement will be a strong, unified message to our government leadership that the expansion of training programs and quality laboratory testing is vitally important for the health of Californians, and for the California economy.  Also coming will be a group virtual event in November that unites us and strengthens our ties as members of the laboratory community.  We are looking forward to this virtual event using CVENT, to be held on November 12th to 14th, 2021.

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