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Update on Membership Schedule 

Update on Membership Schedule 

We are actively changing the renewal dates for all members to renew in either June or December, beginning in late 2022, to be more efficient.  You’ll receive a regular renewal notice by email before your regular renewal date, this year.  Then, your new date will be moved to either December or June.  Wherever you fall, you’ll be moved to a month that gives you a bonus of “extra months”.  No one will be short-changed on their length of membership.  Please be sure to renew and encourage your colleagues and friends to join/renew too.  The amount of Legislative Activity we are experiencing right now necessitates a strong membership.  Please help us with this.  Our Leg Team is on fire!  See the Leg page under “Advocacy” for what’s happening.   I cannot overemphasize the value of having new/renewing members, as to ensure future leadership, a voice in the legislature and people to drive the profession.  If you or others cannot join at this time, please make a generous donation.  Our lobbying efforts are costly, but together we can remain strong.  Thank you to those who are so loyal, that renew year after year.  Thank you for believing in us.  This year will be the year we really flex our power.

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