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President’s Message – May 2021

Hello members, subscribers, vendors, nonmember students and friends of CAMLT. I hope all of you are enjoying the spring and making plans for more outside activity as the pandemic wanes.It has been quite the year! I hope you and your family came through it okay. Everyone is excited to leave the pandemic behind. Thank you for all of your hard work. Do be careful out there!

Your CAMLT Board has been very busy. Most recently,a Spring Seminar was held and it was a big success. The speakers were incredible and the attendees were just tickled pink with the quality of the program. Great job Mark, Adam and Chris! Thank you to the Fresno Chapter for hosting such a great event.

Our organization is on the cusp of major activity and you being informed is a critical part of our success. We have formed a coalition with other organizations,PAMET-CA and PAMET-USA, ASCLS-CA and this new coalition is called The California Coalition of Laboratory Organizations, CCLO. This will increase our visibility,give greater clout to our messages and help to attract and support young people into the field and our groups. We are planning to participate in a large, group, virtual event called CVENT, this coming November 5th with our partner organizations. The emphasis will be on social contact and strengthening our professional ties.

We recently nominated four members to CLTAC- California Laboratory Technology Advisory Committee. Dora Goto continues to serve, Marc Bernaldez,Chris Darmanian and Jamie Marks are all CAMLT members we have nominated to this prestigious board.

Also, our Leg Team is fighting the good fight regarding a number of bills, but also spear heading an effort to EXPAND TRAINING PROGRAMS in California.Covid Relief money is being sought to enable hospitals to expand existing seats. We hope to add another 100 seats in the short term. The Board is calling the effort Expand 2 Excel and are using the cause as a way to bolster membership and encourage members and subscribers to write to their representatives,encourage donations, build membership and increase awareness of CAMLT. This program will be launched next week after a quick meeting with Chapter Presidents.

We have hired a Social Media Marketing person named Matt with GerberGraphics and we are excited to build a presence on Social Media. We are gearing up to offer free CEUs with our memberships too! Of course, we have our annual meeting coming up in September (9/24 and9/25) with another virtual format. We are looking for new leadership to enter the pipeline and be mentored, so be on the lookout for people who would be good candidates for Board positions and also for student engagement. This effort, called Future Leader Focus. Again, your insight and help with this is most appreciated. We want to ensure long term viability of the organization.Our Student Forum is always a great way to involve the younger set. We also would like to have them be more self-governing. We are exploring promotional items such as t-shirts and swag.We need your ideas for logos and what people would like.

Communication is improving too - with the addition of SLACK, an online app, to a concerted effort called Targeted Communication. Targeted Communication involves reaching out person to person, and avoiding relying solely on email.We need to know who you know! Help us grow by encouraging these personal ties. We are even involved in Podcasts! So entertaining! Thank you Adam, Mark and Kyneshia for your work in this area.

Participation on these subcommittees is very welcomeso consider sharing your fresh ideas with us! These are just some of the things we are busy with! Does it sound good to you? Join us -use your talent and help us move on into the future with CAMLT. This is the most critical year for us and if we don’t “go big” and grow our membership and increase donations, we might have to“go home”. Be a part of the success and join us -contact any of the Board members to join in on our huddles/meetings that occur online every two weeks.Next one is 5/25 at 7:00 pm.

Financially, we are managing and with the move to the Vista office, we have cut costs dramatically and have been forging ahead with a wonderful Administrative Assistant - Stacy Henschel. Please email with Stacy with questions if necessary. Also, don’t forget to use the website.

Best wishes and stay tuned for more exciting news soon.


Valerie Trenev President, CAMLT

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