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President’s Message

President’s Message by Valerie Trenev, President

Hello fellow laboratorians!  It is with great joy, I encourage you to celebrate our profession as part of National Laboratory Week, April 18th to 24th.  Your contribution to healthcare has not gone unnoticed.  Thank you for your service. I am happy to report that your CAMLT Board has been very busy lately.  The Fresno Chapter put on a fine Spring Seminar just last month with 92 attendees earning six units in one day.  The speakers were outstanding.  Thank you to Mark, Chris, Adam and their team for a fine event. Our Student Forum on April 16th was another great event where current CLS students presented projects. (This Student Forum usually occurs at the annual convention, but due to the pressures on the students in the fall, it was determined that moving it to spring could be beneficial and allow more participation.)  If you are part of a training program, we sincerely hope that your students can participate in future Student Forums.  There are awards for the best projects.  Don’t miss it.  Stay tuned for other events. Check our website under events to register.

Education Coordinators - you have a special role in helping to promote our organization and to explain the importance of professional membership. The future of our profession in California is highly dependent upon the legislative efforts of CAMLT.  We are literally holding the line.  Without our membership being strengthened, the future is bleak.  Together we can ensure a strong future for our profession, but we need students to be informed and aware of the challenges we face.  Please help us with this important task. 

CAMLT will be making a special effort to reach all Education Coordinators in the coming months as part of a Targeted Communication Effort to explain why your endorsement is so important. If you haven’t attended a Student Forum before, plan to attend in the future - it is so refreshing/hopeful to meet some of the students and view their projects.  As stewards of our profession, we must nurture these young professionals along.  Your role cannot be understated. Thank you for all you do!  See our article on Expanding Training Programs as part of our CAMLT legislative efforts.

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