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New Expanded Benefits Program

Welcome to CAMLT’s Brand New, Member's Only Benefits Program. Now being a member of CAMLT can save you thousands of dollars a year in exclusive offers!

If you are already a member, remember to login to start saving now!

Not a CAMLT member yet? Click here to join now and start saving! If you are new to CAMLT and are a member of another professional clinical laboratory organization, you can save $30 on your annual membership fee if you join before July 1st. That is $90 for your first year! Click here for more information and to join now!

Exclusive CAMLT Member Benefits

Flowers, etc.15% off (additional holidays)

Gift Baskets15% off (additional holidays)

Fruit inspired arrangements15% off (additional holidays)

Cookie Arrangements15% off (additional holidays)

Fine Chocolate arrangements15% off (additional holidays)

Popcorn arrangements15% off (additional holidays)

Appetizers, Meats and Dessert collections15% off (additional holidays)

Baked Goods collections15% off (additional holidays)

Gourmet gift collections15% off (additional holidays)

Hotels, Theme Parks, Shows, Gift Cards etc.25% to 50% off

Hotels, Car Rentals, Cruises25% to 30%

Vehicle Rentalsup to 25% off – Free Upgrades

Vehicle Rentalsup to 25% off – Free Upgrades

Hotels and Resorts15% off Best Available Rate

Online retail store20% off Monthly CAMLT Selection

Online or onsite taxes$50 off

Computers, tablets, smartphones etc.25% to 35% off Exclusive promos and closeouts

Hotels and resorts15% off minimum

Vacation rentals$200 weekly discount on rentals

Online retail discount store15% discount

Streaming TV & Media Players$10 off (selected items)

E-Learning online classesSpecially Priced

Backpacks, Tablet Cases25% off discount

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