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Lab Week 2019 – How will you celebrate?

Lab Week 2019 is upon us - April 21st to 27th.

Laboratory Professionals Get Results.

Let’s celebrate who we are and what we do for the community! Our work makes all the difference in diagnosing diseases, helping people maintain their health and helping people avoid the onset of diseases. That’s something to celebrate. As professionals and members of the health care team it is our time of the year to let the community know about our important contributions. We are quiet heroes as we go about our work. We are in clinical laboratories, research facilities, biotech firms, universities and more. Let’s get the word out and encourage young people interested in the sciences to explore our career! Let people know who you are and what you do. It’s an exciting, changing field that promises to continue being a major part of health care in the future.

As professionals, we have the privilege and responsibility to promote our profession. Let us use our voice, and professional affiliations to do that. Whether you’re a member of CAMLT or another group - make your voice heard. It matters more than ever. Enjoy Lab Week 2019 and congratulations on all you do to help our community.

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