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Have you met with your legislator? If not, why not?

For the last fifty years, CAMLT has continued to successfully weather advertent or inadvertent legislative assaults on clinical laboratory testing that would jeopardize patient safety, but these assaults continue. It is critical that CAMLT build its membership and engage with and educate California's elected officials. Legislators are eligible to serve up to 12 years under our new term limit law. It is imperative to build "legislative champions" for clinical laboratory science and the patients who rely on educated, qualified laboratory personnel for accurate and reliable testing results.

Have you met with your legislators?  They are at home in their districts until January. Make sure to educate your elected officials about clinical laboratory issues!  Meet with your legislators in your district, send letters explaining CAMLT's philosophy, invite legislators and their staff to tour your laboratories, and introduce yourself as a constituent.

  1. Which Legislator represents your home or laboratory? Visit the current roster of Legislators and the cities they represent posted at:

  2. Visit their offices.  Make an appointment with your Legislators’ District offices.

  3. EDUCATE!  Explain to Legislators and their consultants what it takes to be a CLS, MLT or CPT; what you do; why it is important to maintain the integrity of the Laboratory Director when other personnel are doing laboratory tests, even if they are waived; why other allied health providers shouldn't be Laboratory Directors; the laboratory personnel shortage and what it takes to eliminate it.

Make it a priority to meet with your Legislators.  Remember, these interactions are integral components of your grassroots program.  For tips, please refer to the CAMLT Grassroots Guide and Talking Points on this website.

Laboratory Brochure for Legislators Now Available CAMLT has developed an attractive tri-fold brochure which is now available to members and others for use in explaining the Laboratory profession to Legislators. This brochure is appropriate to use to describe the role of the clinical laboratory in the delivery of quality of healthcare. This brochure can be downloaded and printed by you or ordered directly from CAMLT (email: to hand out to legislators or their staff when you meet with them.

What are you waiting for?  Make an appointment today or attend a town hall meeting with your legislator.

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