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CAMLT Leg Team is on Fire! Check out our Advocacy page to see all we are up against. Not only are w

See our Advocacy page to get the details on all the bills coming before us.  It is a constantly changing scenario in Sacramento, with bills being introduced, changed and voted upon. Our Legislative Team is working around the clock to hold the line.  I am also thrilled to announce that our Legislative Committee is working closely with our lobbyist, PPA, to advance action within the California Legislature to actively expand training programs within California!  This effort involves interaction with the Budget Committee, as to secure funding to add seats to existing training programs. We are approaching the Budget Committee and trying to secure funds from the 1.9 Trillion Federal COVID-19 Relief Package for the states and public. More on this to follow, soon, and what YOU can do to help us.

Members: please be sure to renew to help us be able to continue doing this important work.  Thank you for your membership.  Subscribers and Visitors to our website: Please JOIN CAMLT - you matter and we need you.

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