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AB 613 (Nazarian), Healing Arts: Clinical Laboratories—

  1. Would allow High School graduates to perform the moderately complex total protein refractometer test on potential plasma donors at plasma collection centers.

  2. Standards outlined in the bill for high school students performing this test does not ensure the health and safety of plasma donors.

This measure is the reintroduction of AB 757 (Gomez) that CAMLT opposed and was ultimately vetoed by the Governor in 2015 due to concerns that the standards outlined in the bill for persons to perform this test does not ensure the health and safety of plasma donors.  AB 613 authorizes a person with as little as a high school diploma and on the job training to perform moderate complexity testing with regard to plasma.  Currently, the minimum qualifications to perform moderately complex tests is an MLT or RN.  If the protein refractometer test and/or calibration is done incorrectly there is potential to cause donor harm.  Location: AB 613 is now a 2-year bill.  This bill will be heard in the Senate in early 2018.

There are still opportunities to stop this bill in the Senate if you inform your State Senator today.  Consider writing a letter to your State Senator; sample letter is posted at: and/or visit with your Senator in their District Offices.  Helpful tips on how to meet with and/or find your legislative representatives can be found at

Let CAMLT know ( when you meet with your legislative representatives.  Together we can maintain and improve high quality in laboratory testing by fostering education and working to ensure that legislators understand the impact of new bills on laboratory results and patient care.

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