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DL-989: Neutrophilia, 1 CE

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Helen M. Sowers, MA, CLS - Dept of Biological Science (ret.) - California State University, East Bay - Hayward, CA Dora W. Goto, MS, CLS, MLS(ASCP)CM - Laboratory Consultant - University HealthCare Alliance - Hayward, CA Approved for 1.0 CE Level of Difficulty: Basic CAMLT is approved by the California Department of Public Health as a CA CLS Accrediting Agency (#21) The production and distribution of normally functioning neutrophils is vital to host defenses. In order to understand the normal condition compared to changes that occur in disease states, the development, structure, function, and kinetics of neutrophils will be discussed. There are a number of causes for increase in neutrophils. In this course we present two cases of neutrophilia and compare the etiology, laboratory findings, and microscopic morphology for each. Other causes of neutrophilia will be discussed.

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