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CVENT Online Webinar Huge Success!

Over the weekend many delighted participants were fortunate enough to be a part of CVENT 2023. Our educational sessions were a real hit with top-notch presenters sharing information on a variety of topics. The recordings will be available to attendees for one month. Attendees earned 12 units of CEUs. Rowena Pablico, National President of PAMET, skillfully handled the transitions of the sessions aided by Apollo, Gina and Pat from Pamet-CA.

The Educator’s Forum was a big hit too, with lots of great information shared by six different very talented members of academia and our host extraordinaire - Mark Briones!

Of particular interest was the Governance Talk where our lobbyist Russ Noack filled us in on the latest legislation in California. We were also delighted to have Debbie Shell from Idaho zoom in and share with us her perspective on the national scene, as Legislative Affairs representative of ASCLS-National. A big thank you for jumping in and helping us! Our Standards and Identity Talk on Saturday was very interesting too. Unfortunately, we couldn’t have representatives from LFS join us, but key players in CAMLT and PAMET-CA, as well as Michael Riley from the National Labor Statistics Board carried the talk. Marc Bernaldez shared his experiences with CLTAC and Elma Kamari Bidkorpeh of Pamet-CA explained vital information about CLTAC and CLIA ‘88. She also explained why revisions are necessary. We learned about the need to create the future by participating in advocacy, what tools are available to us, and of course, a comprehensive review of why we have the staffing shortage in the first place. Innovative solutions were mentioned too, like the effort to expand training programs, revise the regulations concerning MLT’s, more outreach to universities and the consideration of foreign applicants that can be trained and pass the necessary tests. The big message of the talk = maintain quality in laboratory testing. The ending of the event “Social Time” was equally entertaining with Ilene Dickman playing her guitar and the group singing the song Hotel California. Mark Briones shared a video from a live performance he recently attended and all-in-all it was a sweet ending to a wonderful two-day event.

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