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📢 Call to action: AB 2702

Dear CAMLT Members and Supporters,

We need your voice to help secure vital funding for Clinical Laboratory Training programs in California. Assembly Bill 2702 (AB 2702) is a crucial piece of legislation that aims to support these programs, ensuring the continued training and education of future laboratory professionals.

Why is AB 2702 important?

AB 2702 seeks to allocate funding specifically for Clinical Laboratory Training programs. These programs are essential for training the next generation of laboratory professionals who play a critical role in healthcare, diagnostics, and research. By supporting AB 2702, we can ensure that these programs receive the necessary resources to help maintain and expand their training sites to provide quality and effective training for students.

How can you help?

Please act now and establish contact with your legislator in the Assembly. The bill is being
heard in the Business & Professions Committee on April 2, 2024. Use the “finder” link below.
You then can click to share your contact information and write an email. Letters sent via U.S.
mail are welcome too and may be a more powerful statement. If you see your legislator on the
B&P Committee, you are like “gold” because your legislator can help us greatly. Again, you can
click on the particular legislator and write directly to that person.

DEADLINE: Mail/send your letter by 3/26/24 especially if your assemblyperson is on the B&P
Committee (members include Berman, Heath, Flora, Alanis, Bains, Carillo, Chen, Dixon,
Grayson, Irwin, Jackson, Low, Lowenthal, McKinor, Nguyen, Pellerin, Sanchez, Soria and Zbur).

Eventually the vote will come before every member so writing now can make a huge difference.
Feel free to use the sample letter and modify it to suit you. Do not copy word for word. We
desperately need everyone to act. Be aware of the deadlines! Please help us protect the

Letter Templates:

Below, we have provided a letter template for your convenience to either send via email or by USPS mail. Please feel free to personalize these templates with your own experiences and insights to make your voice heard.

Sample blank support letter AB2702
Download DOCX • 8KB

How to Find Your Local State Assemblypersons:

To find your local California State Assemblypersons, you can visit the official California State Assembly website or use online tools such as "Find My Legislator" by entering your address. You can then locate the contact information for your assemblypersons' offices, including their email addresses and mailing addresses.

Let's Make a Difference Together!

Your support for AB 2702 is crucial in ensuring the future of Clinical Laboratory Training programs in California. Together, we can make a difference and ensure that these programs continue to thrive. Thank you for taking the time to advocate for this important cause.

Thank you for your continued support!

CAMLT Board of Directors CAMLT Legislative Commitee
Public Policy Advocates (PPA)


Legislative Alert

Leg Alert AB2702
Download PDF • 55KB

CAMLT Letter of Support

AB2702 CAMLT Support Letter
Download PDF • 214KB

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