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CAMLT Opposes AB 1774 (Bonilla): Repeals Laboratory Licensing Laws

CAMLT Opposes AB 1774 (Bonilla): Repeals Laboratory Licensing Laws

MAY 14, 2016

This bill repeals the requirements for a clinical laboratory to be licensed or registered by LFS, including the licensing fee. In cases where the state law is more stringent than federal law, there must be infrastructure to support that stringency.  If lab facilities are not licensed by the state, neither LFS nor CLIA can effectively hold the owners and lab directors responsible for violations of California lab laws including the enforcement of the state’s more stringent requirements for lab personnel.  CLIA includes a provision that requires labs to follow individual state laws and regulations that are more stringent than CLIA but rarely uses that authority to sanction labs or revoke their CLIA certificates.  In addition, CLIA does not investigate these types of violations themselves.  Instead, CLIA refers back to the state to impose sanctions and penalties.  Revocation of a mandatory California license or registration is the most effective tool to enforce California’s higher laboratory facilities and personnel standards that are essential for accurate and timely laboratory test results which directly correlate with better patient outcomes. Click here for more information

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