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San Francisco, CA, USA


Lecturer, Clinical Lab Sciences

San Francisco State University

San Francisco, CA


The Department of Physical Therapy at San Francisco State University invites applications for a 12-month Lecturer (non-tenure track) position for the Clinical Laboratory Science Internship Program, up to full time.

Lecture courses:

CLS701 (Chemistry/Urinalysis): Overview of clinical biochemistry and renal function. Proper specimen collection, instrumentation, quality assurance, physical and chemical analyses of samples. Case histories and laboratory practice emphasize correlation of laboratory findings and clinical conditions.

CLS731 (Hematology/Hemostasis): Identification of blood cells, pathophysiology, hemostasis mechanisms, and disease states of hematological and hemostasis conditions. Theory and application of hematology procedures with emphasis on detection of abnormalities. Interpretation of clinical cases.

CLS753 (Microbiology: including Parasitology, Mycology and Molecular diagnostics): The principles of diagnostic microbiology that apply to bacteria, fungi, parasites and viruses, including phenotypic and genotypic detection, identification and susceptibility testing using slide and culture evaluation. Correlation of principles with case studies. Molecular diagnostic theory and clinical practice.

CLS790 (Serology/Blood Bank): Theory and practice of serology and blood banking, including immune system, autoimmune diseases, red blood cell antigens, compatibility testing, transfusion reactions, current serological methodologies such as ELISA and immunofluorescence. Correlation of laboratory findings with pathophysiology. Interpretation of case studies.

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