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DL-994: C. jejuni: Gastroententeritis, 3 CE

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James I. Mangels, MA, CLS, MT (ASCP), F(AAM) - Microbiology Consulting Services - Santa Rosa, CA Approved for 3.0 CE Level of Difficulty: Intermediate CAMLT is approved by the California Department of Public Health as a CA CLS Accrediting Agency (#21) Objectives: After completing this course the participant will be able to: outline the history of Campylobacter gastroenteritis discuss the incidence of Campylobacter infection in the U.S. explain the pathogenicity factors of Campylobacter outline the clinical features of Campylobacter gastroenteritis explain how the organism is identified state methods to prevent Campylobacter gastroenteritis outline methods of treatment of Campylobacter gastroenteritis

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